Stage  1: If you have decided that you might like to buy a property in France, either as an investment,  holiday home, or both, but you are not sure where you would like to buy, then Kate can give you extensive advice right away from this stage. She can look at suitability of the area for your needs, prices, size relative to price, and rentability potential throughout the year.


Stage 2: Once Kate has helped you decide on an area, she can find you a selection of suitable properties, liaise with local estate agents or vendors, send you all the necessary details and arrange viewings for you. She will advise you on what things to look out for and what questions you should be asking.


Stage 3: Once you have decided on the property you would like to purchase Kate will help you though the purchasing process, working with the necessary French professionals, such as the Notaire, and estate agent to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you require a mortgage for your purchase, Kate can introduce you to banks, and/or brokers to find you a suitable product for your needs. If necessary she will accompany you in any meetings as required.

Stage 4: Kate will be your point of contact in France as the sales process advances, and liaise with the Notaire and agent for your completion date, assist you at the completion meeting and be sure you get the keys!!

Having close contact with Maitre Alban ROLLET, Notaire in Sallanches, Kate keeps up to date with any important changes or developments in the French Property laws and market.

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Buying or selling a property in any country isn't simple and France is no exception to this, with a minefield of papers and formalities.

Kate will escort you throughout the process of buying or selling your property and explain what is happening and what is required at each stage.  Kate’s extensive firsthand experience in a French Notaires office means that she knows the potential pitfalls and important points to note and check throughout the buying process. 

She endeavors to keep you informed at all stages and make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible for you. Kate can review and go through draft documents with you prior to any meetings, and then be present with you, if you require, at any meetings during the purchase process.

By having Kates assistance along the way, you will minimise your chances of any misunderstandings with the french professionals, arising from language and cultural differences.

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Working within the property sector Kate has contact with a number of banks and brokers, and will assist you to find a mortgage suitable for your needs.

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If you receive documents though the post in French and don’t know what they are, or what they say, and aren’t quite sure what to do with them?

Send them over to me and I’ll have a look and explain or translate as required, and if necessary help you take whatever action is required!

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If you already have a property in France, and would like someone who speaks French to manage your refurbishment or renovation project and liaise with the relevant artisans and contractors. Kate is able to project manage your renovation project from its birth to completion.

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If you have just received a ‘Compromis de Vente’ or Completion Contract, and you just would like some reassurance as to its contents, and to be sure specific clauses are included, Kate will review, explain and discuss this with you.

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Whether it’s a Notaire, Estate Agent or Bank, Kate has a wide network of contacts both in the Alpine regions of France and elsewhere.  Being fully bilingual Kate can contact and liaise with the appropriate professionals as required on your behalf.

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